Vabilo na predavanje / Invitation to the lecture


Prof. Sandra B. Gabelli

School of Medicine, The Johns Hopkins University

Baltimore, Maryland, USA



sreda / Wednesday 19.9.2018 ob / at. 10:30

Velika predavalnica IJS

Jamova 39, Ljubljana


Where is the brake for HECT Ubiquitin Ligases?

We elucidated an autoinhibitory mechanism for WWP2, WWP1, ITCH and NEDD4-1 ubiquitin ligases involving a linker-HECT domain interaction. This intramolecular interaction traps the HECT enzyme in its inactive state and can be relieved by phosphorylation.


Dr. Gabelli is an Associate Professor of Medicine at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Her research focuses on structural biology for targeted therapies for cardiovascular diseases and oncology. She directs the Eukaryotic Tissue culture Facility. Her research is aimed at elucidating the molecular mechanism of proteins involved in cell signaling pathways deregulated in diseases. Using structural biology as a framework her group studies on biological systems that are a validated target for therapeutics. Specifically, they are interested in the structural basis of the specificity of kinases such as PI3Kalpha as a target for therapeutics. In a parallel focus of her research, spurred by the availability of information of mutations in the C-terminal sodium voltage-gated channels, and their potential as targets for therapy, they study activation of cardiac and skeletal muscle channel. A new addition to her focus are HECT E3 ligases and their link to proteostasis.


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