FEBS 2018 Workshop on Proteases, Inhibitors and Biological Control

This course aims to address the rapid progress and expansion in the field of proteases, protein inhibitors and their mechanisms of control under physiological and pathological conditions, with several sections devoted to proteases, protease inhibitors, regulation and proteolytic control, but also to the roles of proteases in diseases, emerging therapeutic and diagnostic strategies together with tools for targeted drug delivery systems and tools for early detection of protease activity.
Moreover, several parts of the event are devoted to tutoring and mentoring activities.
The course will be taught by leaders in the proteolysis field and will take place in a relaxed atmosphere to maximize information exchange between senior and junior scientists.

More information about the workshop can be found here: https://proteases2018.febsevents.org

Odsečni seminarji

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Vodja odseka:
prof. ddr. Boris Turk

Telefon: 01 477 3772
e-pošta: boris.turk[at]ijs.si

Barbara Vrtačnik

Telefon: 01 477 3215
Faks: 01 477 39 84
e-pošta: barbara.vrtacnik[at]ijs.si