Georgy Mikhaylov, Head of Animal facility,
Location: B19, Building B, Jozef Stefan Institute


In the Animal facility we are housing several lines of laboratory mice, including transgene lines. A transgene model of murine breast cancer enables us to investigate the progression of disease and the efficacy of potential treatments, while knock-out models of specific proteins elucidate its role in physiological and pathological processes.

One of the main focuses of our experiments is in vivo imaging of laboratory mice. In 2014, we have established a laboratory for noninvasive in vivo imaging of laboratory animals with IVIS Spectrum, which allows 2D and 3D bioluminescent and fluorescent imaging of the small animals. This method  is useful in cancer research, investigation of inflammatory diseases, metabolic disorders using molecular probes.

Besides the IVIS Spectrum, we also own a Quantum FX microCT, which enables high resolution and high speed CT imaging of laboratory animals. Additionally, the microCT is complementary to IVIS Spectrum and provides co-registration of obtained results. With different contrast agents, we can get a complete and detailed 3D overview of the researched organism and an insight into the development of numerous diseases.


We offer in vivo imaging of laboratory animals: 2D and 3D bioluminescence or fluorescence imaging and CT scans, with complete data evaluation of the obtained images. We are also open to new collaborations.


  • IVIS Spectrum, Quantum FX microCT; Perkin Elmer
  • Living Image Software; Perkin Elmer


  • Dr. Georgy Mikhaylov, Postdoctoral researcher
  • Dr. Andreja Kozak, Postdoctoral researcher
  • Petra Matjan Štefin, DVM, PhD student
  • Ernestina Lavrih, PhD student
  • Dejan Pelko, Technician
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