prof. dr. Marko Fonovic, Head of Proteomics Laboratory,
Location: B109 – B111, Building B, Jozef Stefan Institute


By using proteomics we analyze the full complement of proteins in an organism (the proteome), at a particular moment in time, by means of mass spectrometry. In our laboratory we provide broad spectrum of sample analysis from molecular weight determination and identification of simple organic compounds, identification of proteins after recombinant expression (in-gel or in-solution), determination of posttranslational modifications of proteins, LC-MS/MS identification and quantification of protein composition in complex biological sample (i.e. cell lysates). We are also specialized in proteomic determination of protease physiological substrates, protease specificity profiling and protease cleavage site identification.


The range of services we offer extends from technical advice on project design, sample preparation, the development of optimized analytical methods and the actual sample measurement, to the evaluation of the data obtained. We are also open to new collaborations from academia and industry.


  • Orbitrap LTQ Velos (Thermo)
  • UltreFlextreme MALDI-TOF/TOF (Bruker)
  • PEAKS 10
  • Scaffold
  • Mascot
  • MaxQuant
  • Perseus


  • Marko Fonović, Head of Proteomics Laboratory
  • Dr. Robert Vidmar, Postdoctoral researcher
  • Marija Grozdanić, Lab assistant
  • Tilen Sever, PhD student
  • Matej Kolarič, PhD student
  • Tea Sinožić, PhD student
  • Sara Ivanovski, PhD student
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