Deciphering the mechanism of cellular aging: interaction of oxidatively damaged proteins with the cellular membranes

dr. Katarina Trajkovic and dr. Ana-Marija Vuckovic

(Biology of Robustness group, Mediterranean Institute for Life Sciences, Split, Croatia)

14. 12. 2022 – 11:00 – B220

Description: Aging is one of the greatest mysteries in biology and a considerable contemporary societal challenge. Protein carbonylation – a specific form of oxidative damage to proteins – is a widely accepted biomarker of aging, but it is also sufficient to recapitulate molecular and cellular hallmarks of aging. In this project, we explore mechanisms through which oxidatively damaged/carbonylated proteins lead to age-related cellular dysfunction. We hypothesize that protein oligomers and/or aggregates ensuing from age-dependent protein oxidation bind cellular membranes, thus leading to membrane permeabilization.

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