Systemic determination of legumain physiological roles

Legumain is an evolutionary conserved cysteine protease with narrow substrate specificity. It is ubiquitously expressed in various cell and tissue types of animals, plants and other eukaryotes. Although it is primarily located in the endo/lysosomal compartments, legumain can be translocated to the cytosol, nucleus and extracellular space. In the last decade, numerous studies have connected […]

Human Cathepsin F: An unusual cysteine protease involved in neurodegeneration

Lysosomal cysteine cathepsins play key roles in various physiological and pathological processes, including aging, neurodegeneration and genetic diseases. Their disregulated activities result in numerous human diseases and consequently are promising drug targets. Among eleven human cysteine cathepsins, cathepsin F is one of the less studied and characterized proteases. The recent discovery of several mutations within […]

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