Author : Maja Orehek

Publication in Molecular Aspects of Medicine

Members of our department, Monika Biasizzo, Eva Vidak, Miki Zarić, Boris Turk and our alumni Urban Javoršek have published a review article titled Cysteine cathepsins: A long and winding road towards clinics in the journal Molecular Aspects of Medicine. The article, detailing the troublesome journey of cysteine cathepsin research from the discovery of their involvement […]


V programski skupini Proteoliza in njena regulacija pri zdravju in boleznih (vodja: prof. ddr. Turk Boris) vabimo zainteresirane kandidate na prijavo na razpis za mladega raziskovalca*. Mentor mlademu raziskovalcu bo dr. Robert Vidmar, raziskovalno delo bo potekalo na Odseku za biokemijo, molekularno in strukturno biologijo, na Inštitutu Jožef Stefan. Na prijavo na razpis vabljeni kandidati, […]

FEBS ICGEB workshop ‘Proteolysis: at the interface between health and disease

Dear colleagues and friends, it is our pleasure to invite you to this year’s  FEBS ICGEB workshop ‘Proteolysis: at the interface between health and disease’. This workshop aims at addressing current issues, progress, and expansion taking place in the field of proteases, protein inhibitors and their mechanisms of control under physiological and pathological conditions. Several […]

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